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Unleash your creative potential.

Rethink conventional approaches.

Cultivate sustainable growth.

What We Do

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Strategic Visioning

Guiding organizations in crafting clear roadmaps for their future endeavors, ensuring that their goals, values, and actions are seamlessly aligned, ultimately leading to success in their strategic initiatives.

Human-Centered Design

Empowering organizations to craft solutions that deeply resonate with users, nurturing engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty by putting their needs at the forefront of the design process.

Design Thinking

Igniting innovation in organizations through structured processes to cultivate creativity, generate novel ideas, products, and processes, and deliver unique value in the market.

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Decision Making

Facilitating informed decision-making processes, providing organizations with the tools and insights they need to confidently navigate uncertainty, drive progress, and minimize risks.


Fueling growth and competitiveness by fostering a culture of creativity and experimentation, encouraging the generation of novel ideas, products, and processes that deliver tangible value and set organizations apart in the market.

Problem Solving

Equipping organizations with the strategies and mindset necessary to efficiently overcome obstacles, leveraging analytical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to streamline operations and drive continuous improvement.

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Business Consulting

Tailored expertise and insights to optimize organizational performance, partnering with businesses to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve their strategic objectives with precision and efficiency.

Training and Speaking

Interactive training sessions and engaging speaking engagements, with practical insights, actionable strategies, and real-world examples to empower teams and individuals to excel in their endeavors.

About Haim

With 30 years of experience in design thinking, coaching, and facilitating change, I help individuals and teams overcome challenges and achieve great results. My background in Cognitive Science and Psychology helps me guide organizations toward innovative and transformative changes using practical and people-centered approaches.

I've worked with a variety of organizations, including healthcare, retail, and nonprofits, and have seen how unlocking creative potential can lead to sustainable growth. I focus on collaboration and empathy to help teams think creatively and work better together.

Outside of work, I love exploring the outdoors, learning new things, and volunteering. I believe in the importance of continuous personal and professional growth.

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